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On Meltdowns

If you’ve been paying attention to the news over the last few hours, you’ve probably read about dear leader’s “meltdown” during a meeting with Democratic leadership.


And please, do read all about this, because it’s worth noting all the ways that our terrifying president is unraveling before our eyes. He raged against the Democrats and ISIS and communists. At one point during a snit, he apparently said that “someone called this meeting so I agreed to it,” but of course the White House called the meeting. And you’ve probably heard that he called Nancy Pelosi a “third rate politician,” and that he passed out copies of the utterly deranged letter he sent to Erdogan.



I have a toddler. He’s two years old. 90% of the time, he’s an incredibly sweet, funny, engaging little tyke, whose kindness and joy for life fills me with a happiness I did not know a person could experience.


And 10% of the time, he’s a vessel of Satan, sent here to unleash emotionally-scattershot hell upon me, my wife, and anyone else in range of a haphazardly-hurled Matchbox truck.

This evening, my little dude had his own meltdown as I was reading the Daily Beast piece above on our president melting down. And I was struck by the similarities. They both wanted someone else to do something utterly irrational, and the other party said no. They were both almost certainly overtired. And they both have the emotional control of a two year old.


The difference, of course, is that my two year old is a two year old. He has a tantrum because he is two, and he still has years of emotional development and socialization ahead of him. His tantrums are annoying (sweet Jesus are they annoying), but expected and understandable, because he is still learning how to deal with not getting his way, and that his actions have consequences.

Donald Trump is a septuagenarian who stopped emotionally developing about seventy years ago. His tantrums are terrifying and a result of effectively hearing the word “no” for the first time after seven decades of unchecked narcissism, and the thought of suffering even the slightest consequence for his actions sends his mind racing to a very dark place. A place from which emanates anger and violence and retribution.


The other difference is that a few minutes after his tantrum, after sitting on daddy’s lap and having a glass of water and calming down, my son said “I’m sorry daddy” and gave me a hug. Donald Trump, on the other hand, tweeted this:

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